Cheap Oil Change Coupons

The most common thing that people bring their cars and trucks to a dealer or mechanic for is an oil change.  This service is so common and easy to do that it is also one of the most inexpensive things that a mechanic or dealer offers for auto services.  That isn’t to say that you can’t always get a better deal though!

With all of the different mechanics and specialized dealers around, you have so much more competition for your business.  The way that most companies will compete for you as a customer is to release some coupons for a cheap oil change.  This definitely works out in your favor if you’re trying to be a frugal car owner.

Most people will go to get this work done on their car without even thinking twice about looking for one of these discounts.  They’ll just drive up to the closest place with no line and ask for an oil change.  You’re one of the smart ones who is here looking to get a cheap oil change near you!

Oil Change Companies

There are a lot of different places that you can get an oil change.  There are a lot of places that you might not have considered too.  Knowing all of your options can open you up to the best prices and discounts in your area.  I have personally gone to places from each of these categories and been happy with each type and annoyed by others.

  • Local Mechanics – Every local mechanic has oil change services.  Lots of them are a little pricier than some of the other options if they are busy shops.  A lot of them like to keep prices low though so they can bring in new customers and build a rapport.  This helps them get lifelong customers in case you need any other repairs in the future.  Their oil change coupons are usually found in local newspapers or city deal guides like Pennysaver.
  • Auto Parts Stores – There are a few auto parts stores that offer repairs and services on site.  One of the biggest ones in this list is Pep Boys.  They have a new list of coupons that come out the first of every month that can get you a cheaper oil change or basically anything else like a tire rotation coupon or a wheel alignment.
  • Large Retailers – Some big retailers that sell auto parts or tires in their stores offer oil changes as well.  Sears Auto is one of the major ones that people go to a lot because of their deals.  Walmart is an option, but Walmart oil change coupons are hard to come by, and a lot of people seem to have had bad experiences getting an oil change at Walmart.
  • Tire Companies – Companies like STS Tires and NTB (National Tire and Battery) have deals on things like oil changes, tires, tire rotations, wheel alignments and full engine tune ups.

Oil Change Coupons

So now that I’ve gone over all of the places that you can get an oil change, it helps to know where you can actually get a coupon for your oil change.  The easiest thing to do is if you know where you want to go, check out that company’s website or their social media pages (Twitter and Facebook).  All of their best deals will be advertised right there.

If you aren’t sure what company you’d like to check out, I have two great options for you.  First, find you local newspaper and start browsing through the Sunday coupon sections or go straight to the automotive section.  That is a place that a lot of companies will put their deals.  The other idea would be to get on and just search “oil change.”  If you go the Yelp route, you’ll also be able to find reviews from people who have been to these locations before.  In the reviews, you’ll be able to find out if there were any problems with the company, sometimes the price, and sometimes a special Yelp coupon that the company has for you if you visited that page.

Bonus – Cheapest Oil Changes

When searching for some of the best deals, I used to always forget about a place that has the best deals on almost anything local.  Groupon and Living Social almost always have a discount available that you can purchase for your car.  They sell vouchers that you can bring to a mechanic or car service station to redeem for a cheap oil change.

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