Oil Change Coupons

If you want to keep your car running as long as possible, then you have to make a small investment every few thousand miles and throw out some money for an oil change.  A regular oil change is honestly the easiest way to keep your car running for a much longer time and to keep your car’s mileage up as high as it can go.

A lot of people often put off changing their oil when they are supposed to, but they often find their cars running a little off or possibly breaking down in worse situations.  A cheap oil change can help prevent these problems and avoid having your vehicle running a little more sluggish than you’d want.

Why Change Your Oil?

The oil in your engine is unfortunately not designed to last forever.  Over time, the viscosity of the oil will break down and the lubricating qualities of it will fade away.  The whole reason you have oil in your engine is to keep the gears and engine parts lubricated to avoid too much friction from building up.  After driving your car a lot, the wear and tear on your engine will break down the motor oil making the engine parts rub against each other more.  The last thing you want is the metal on metal reactions.  This is what causes serious engine problems and in horrible situations, causing engines to cease.

What does an oil change cost?

The cost of an oil change really varies.  There are a few different options that you can choose from to make the price go up or down and the place you get your car serviced will also be a major factor in the price.  If you are getting a conventional oil change with a new filter replacement, you should aim at spending about $20-$30 for an oil change if you have a regular sedan or coupe with under 100,000 miles and under 10 years old.  When you start looking into services like high mileage oil changes and synthetic motor oil, your price is going to jump a lot more…sometimes closer to $80.

NTB Oil Change Coupons

NTB is one of those companies that will offer a major discount on car services like oil changes.  Every month they instate a new discount or coupon for their customers.  Lots of other companies will share their coupons with you, but there will often be small print or hidden costs that inflate the price significantly when you are actually ready to check out at the mechanic’s shop.  NTB has a special “all inclusive price” that will keep you notified of the exact amount (not including taxes) that you will be expected to pay after NTB’s mechanics change you oil for you.

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